“The Future of Design”

Organized by The Webby Awards | Remote BCN ↔ NY | mar 2023

In this talk, I discussed the transformative impact of AI and agile technology on modern design, highlighting the evolving landscape of creative possibilities, design mindset and the essential tools for designers.


“Networking for newbies”

Organized by OFFF x Wix Playground | Barcelona | nov 2021

In this talk, B-Reel gave me the opportunity to share 15 years of personal experiences for young design students about how they can build their own professional network locally and globally.


“Organization of UX teams”

Interview by Oriol Farré | Remote | jan 2020

Oriol Farré is a well-known data, SEO and CRO expert in Spain. He has a newsletter with thousands of subscriptions and he interviewed me to talk about the organization of UX teams in companies. 


“UX and retail”

Organized by UXER School | Barcelona | nov 2017

In this talk I shared my point of view about the relation between fashion and user experience in digital and physical retail.


“The mission”

Organized by Ironhack | Barcelona | feb 2017

In this talk I shared my point of view about design processes. I argued that although it is true that there are some consolidated steps in the design process, beyond theory, from my experience each project has their own design process.


“Apply for a UX job”

Organized by Ironhack | Barcelona | sep 2016

In this talk I shared my experience explaining what type of questions were useful to me to ask for the company that I was interested to access as a UX Designer and why.


Looking for collaboration? 

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