Design of a digital and physical loyalty Club



Mango was founded in 1984 and is today one of the leading fashion groups in the world. Based in its city of origin, Barcelona. In 2000 the company launched their e-commerce (

On 2018 Mango set the goal to create a global loyalty program called Mango likes you (MLY) with the vision of understand the customer behaviour in order to offer new services and products bearing in mind the physical stores and the e-commerce.

Another important goal was to build customer loyalty, because the sale does not end when a customer buys, but when she returns.



Mango likes you, it's a loyalty club where the customers' passion for fashion convert into unique experiences and discounts.

Basically the customer can register online or in-store.
The customer receives "Likes" (kind of points) in every purchase made (1€ = 10 Likes). Finally, the customer can use their Likes to obtain exclusive discounts (200 Likes = 1€ discount) and experiences (subscriptions to Spotify, cinema tickets, donations to charity projects, gifts to friends and many other experiences).

Other ways to obtain Likes are by recycling garments in the Mango stores, login into the app, receiving Likes for the birthday and others.

If you are curious, you can find more information about MLY here.


Share the company's know-how with an external design team that help us to be faster.
On board an external design team with the internal product design team.
Technical limitations and time to market.
Ensure that the customer journey experience between the physical store and the online is excellent.
Improve the Mango data base registering and identifying all the users that are using MLY in physical stores and on online.



My role as a Product Design Lead it was extended in many areas.

Firstly, we hire an external design team to work in parallel with the internal product design team. The reason behind this is because each product designer of our internal design team focuses on one part of the customer journey and the external one had full time to be dedicated exclusively to MLY.

My mission was on board the external design team, ensure that they understood the brand and were aligned with our internal design team in terms of user experience.

I was guiding, supporting and giving feedback to the external team every day during one year.



Apart to integrate the external design team, in parallel with the other Design Lead we organize ourselves to design the in-store experience with the retail store team.

One of the MLY goals it was facilitated to the customers the register from the store in the loyalty program beyond For this reason we designed some prototypes and we tested them with the store employees.

This was an essential step to be successful in terms of in-store registers. We need a fast and usable user interface for the employees so not generate queues on the cashier.


Designing the user experience of MLY it was challenging. We had a lot of casuístics to bear in mind in the digital environment and the physical one. For this reason, we did dozens of user test in the NTT Data Living Lab of our partner to iterate the designs and ensure that the journey of the customer was smooth in terms of content, interaction and visual aspects.

In fact, not just the design team was involved in these user tests. The developers, stakeholders and even the executives were participating in this session. This makes it easier emphatize with the customers and stay on the same page when we had high level presentations with the executive management.

After each user testing session usually I summarized the conclusions in order that the external design team has enough information to iterate the designs.



Related to basic KPI, I would like to highlight these increases:

- New customers
- Active customers
- Average order value per customer
- Customer shopping frequency per year (online and physical stores)

On the other hand, if we talk about % of customer identification, we were successful. Thanks to MLY, the project provided a basis to start to personalize the customer experience on physical stores and online.

In terms of the design process, it was the first time that a big external design team comes over to work with the internal design team. For me, it was a huge challenge on board them and share the know how of the company.


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Technical summary

What I did
Onboard an external design team with the internal product design team.
Ensure the external design team understands the brand.
Support and work with the loyalty program manager and their team to define business logics.
Ensure the external and internal product design team are aligned in desktop, mobile and app.
Help the external design team to identify who are the stakeholders with whom they should work.
Give feedback about the user experience so the design team can iterate if need it.
Define the experience of the employee and the customers in the stores with the Mango retail team.
Research, prototype design and user testing of the cashier interface of Mango likes you used by employees in the stores.

2018 - 2020

Mango headquarters, Barcelona.
Mango stores, Barcelona.
NTT Data Living Lab (Everis Spain), Barcelona. 

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